What I Do

I offer one-to-one BodyTalk sessions and training courses all based around supporting you to support yourself! Life can be a tough place sometimes, so having all the support you can get on your journey can be a blessing. At Flourishment we are dedicated to supporting you to flourish… living a life full of vitality, fun and love.

Every service we offer, course we put on, or session given is giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, heal yourself, or open your heart to live a fuller life.

All the courses we offer are giving you life tools you can use ongoing for the rest of your days; both to support yourself or work with others. They will expand your thinking, knowledge, abilities and understanding to support you on your journey in life.

BodyTalk Access – Is a one day class where you learn practical tools which you can use for the rest of your life to support your bodymind deal with the stresses of life. It is great for emergency situations as well as ongoing de-stressing. We also teach you to use the techniques on others too; so you can use it on your friends & family.

MindScape – This is a two day class where Eloise will support you to build a mental framework which opens up the vast power of the mind. It enables you to engage and work with the more creative & intuitive mind in a more structured and bounded way… this enables you to access the intuition at will with more accuracy.General pics

BreakThrough – Another two day class where you will become your own personal detective; exploring and uncovering the deep-seated, limiting beliefs that cause you to feel trapped in self-defeating behaviour patterns. These patterns lead to masking your feelings & guarding against hurt. We all live our lives for others… we want to be validated, liked, and loved by others. We all have millions of shoulds and should nots as to how we must look, think and behave. None of these self-criticisms are designed to bring about happiness! You don’t need to change yourself or your beliefs to be happy. All that is needed is a shift in perspective. BreakThrough’s Seven Step deductive process is precisely designed to transform the way you see and experience your self. The aim is to allow you to be you free of the limitations and expectations… the live life!

BodyTalk Practitioners – We also run courses for people wanting to become a BodyTalk practitioner and other courses for practitioners who want to learn and expand their clinic, knowledge base or work on themselves.


For more information please check out the pages on this site on the courses offered for more information. To find out more about BodyTalk please see the “Overview” page. Any further questions, please contact us.