BodyTalk Overview

Do you want better health?General pics

Have less stress in your lives?

Feel at ease with the world?

Cope with everything life throws at you?

Resolve those nagging health issues?

BodyTalk can help with all aspects of life as well as promoting health within the Mind and Body.


What is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a great system which helps anyone to clear up the emotional clutter in the body.

We have all had experiences which we still feel a bit of charge over – for example a situation you are still talking about 5 years after it happened, a car accident for instance, which you still feel anger over. The active emotions & memories which have not processed are stored away in the connective tissue or organs of the body.

Over time we store more and more memories into the body. As the layers of these memories builds up they can cause discomfort, pain, and illness over time. The body can become rigid with all the stored up emotion in areas. For example, memories and emotions around the theme of fear are often stored in the knees (the knees are ruled by the kidneys, and the kidney meridian passes through the knees. The kidneys are all about fear and coping). Over time people can start to experience pain and rigidity in the knees, they may even feel like arthritis is setting in! It could just be a build up of emotional layers causing the decay.

With BodyTalk we are often removing these memories & emotions from the body to enable the BodyMind to free the area and promote health & wellbeing in the area. This helps the communication within the BodyMind which enables it to function more efficiently & effectively; so the person will feel happier, experience less stress & little disease.

BodyTalk can benefit anyone!

Everyone can benefit from BodyTalk; you may feel healthy, however, your body is always trying to balance out issues & problems such as environmental factors, or damage to the tissue in the body. The body is always trying to heal, for example when you cut your finger, your body sets off a process to heal the wound. If the communication in the body is impaired – this may take longer to heal. There is always something going on in the body. The body is always recognising issues, problems, coming into contact with viruses, parasites from pets… the list is endless!

There is always something which the body is trying to cope with which could be speed up, or aided through the BodyTalk system. Often, when there are too many issues in the body, or if acute disease occurs where the body is not able to cope with everything going on, the brain switches off to the problem. It stonewalls the problem. With BodyTalk we can support the BodyMind to be strong enough to deal with the issues facing it, and help to resolve any issues so that the body can balance itself.

BodyTalk is an natural health system which works on all levels of the body from the physical to the mental. It incorporates many different areas of healthcare; from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology, mixing Western medical research with Eastern philosophies. This blend means the extent of problems which BodyTalk can help with is very large indeed…

BodyTalk is safe to use whilst pregnant.

BodyTalk can be useful in many situations, including:

      • To increase personal, sports and corporate performance
      • It can be used to compliment other treatment modalities

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