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BreakThrough – From Becoming to BeingBTh1

We all live our lives for others. We want to be validated, liked, and loved by others. We have millions of shoulds and should nots as to how we must look, think and behave in the eyes of others. None of these self-criticisms are designed to bring about happiness FROM THE INSIDE. You don’t need to change yourself or your beliefs to be happy. All that is needed is a shift in perspective.

BreakThrough’s Seven Step deductive process is precisely designed to transform the way you see and experience your self.

In this two-day workshop you will become your own personal detective; exploring and uncovering the deep-seated, limiting beliefs that cause you to feel trapped in self-defeating behaviour patterns; masking your feelings, guarding against hurt.

As a process of self-discovery, BreakThrough has ONE pre-requisite: commitment to your self.

I bring the amazing Terryann Nikides, Advanced BreakThrough instructor based in Montreal Canada, over once a year to the UK to run the amazing BreakThrough class.

Next class date in England:

October 27th – Public Talk (first 2 hours of class) 7pm-9pm

October 28th & 29th – BreakThrough 1 Class 9am till 5pm

October 30th – Practical class 9am till 6pm

Friday talk is free & open to all… bring anyone along!

BreakThough 1 class is £450, pay only £400 if registered and paid by 28th September.

Practical class is £165.

To experience Terryann & more about the work please watch this video on the BreakThrough 1 class:

Listen to some other calls we have done – click here

Find out more about Terryann at her website – here.