Are you coping?

Are you coping?     Maybe you answered yes to that? Or maybe you know you are not coping deep down?   Our “coping strategies” for life keep us going. They are the stories we tell ourselves, the habit we have to get through life and “keep going” when things get tough. We cope!   We cope with the grief of a loved one. We cope with failing an exam. We cope when the date doesn’t go the way we want. We cope with all the bad eating habits we have.   We just cope…   Until it gets too much, or the body mind says “enough” we have to deal with this.   You see we can only cope for so long. Cope with the deep pain we hold inside, which we don’t...

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BreakThrough 1 class

The premise of BreakThrough is that our birthright is to live authentically and naturally. But deep-seated, unconscious convictions about who we are distort our experience of life. These disruptive beliefs do not need to be eradicated because they have no truth to them. They simply need to have light shed on them so that they lose their power over us. The BreakThrough techniques are specifically designed to catalyse and facilitate this process. All that is required is a quantum shift in perspective BreakThrough 1 is a gentle, practical process that puts you in touch with the unconscious convictions that dictate your life. This interactive class provides you with...

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